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Help Georges River Council Understand Local Liveability


Georges River Council is proud to support the 2023 Australian Liveability Census, which launches on Sunday 26 March on Neighbour Day.

The insights collected during the 2023 Australian Liveability Census include what matters most in liveable neighbourhoods, how current neighbourhoods are performing and ideas for improvements. By participating in the research, our local area can then be compared to other places near and far.
Independent research company PlaceScore will facilitate the data collection with support from over 80 local and state government agencies, as well as community groups, education and private organisations. This nation-wide research project will help us understand liveability from our community's perspective - and see how we are faring compared to the rest of the country.
Georges River Council Mayor, Nick Katris, said: “We all believe that everyone deserves to live in a community that reflects their values and needs. That is why it's important for our community to have their say in the 2023 Australian Liveability Census.”
“I encourage you all to complete this quick online survey and share with your families, friends, communities, and colleagues. We hope to ensure a good cross-section of our community is heard in this significant national study. The survey is also available in Mandarin, Arabic and Hindi.”
Follow the link to the survey that only takes around 15 minutes to complete. It’s a powerful way to invest the time to help shape better neighbourhoods for all.
The Australian Liveability Census closes on 30 June 2023. Make sure to remember because as a bonus, all participants will have the chance to win one of 50 vouchers valued at $100. But most of all, this is a great chance to communicate what matters to make our community more liveable.