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Council successfully pursues resident for damaging local trees


Georges River Council has successfully prosecuted a resident of the local area for the unauthorised removal and damage of three significant trees in Oatley.
Appearing in Sutherland Local Court on Tuesday 14 February 2017, the resident pleaded guilty to the destruction of two cheese trees and one Port Jackson fig due to development consent breaches.
The resident was subsequently fined a total of $6,500 including prosecutor’s costs.
Council places a strong emphasis on protecting trees throughout the local government area and actively investigates instances of unauthorised tree removal or trees being damaged.
Should instances where members of the local area engage in the unauthorised removal of trees Council will pursue legal action.
The great number of trees throughout the local area is a significant feature of Georges River and removing these trees without the proper authorisation takes away from the natural beauty of the area.
In addition, removing trees without the proper equipment and precautions can result in residents and their neighbours’ safety being put at risk.
If you see any instances where residents are removing trees without authorisation, Council encourages you to contact 9330 6400 to provide details.
For more information about proper tree management throughout the local area, please contact 9330 6400 or visit Council’s website at
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