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Cancer awareness project benefits from Council funding


As part of the NSW Government’s Stronger Communities Fund Program, Georges River Council has awarded $50,000 in funding to CanRevive to support a project which raises awareness of cancer in the Chinese community.

CanRevive is a group which aims to help minimise the affect cancer has on patients and carers by providing information and emotional support services which meet cultural and linguistic needs.  
The funding will be used to inform Chinese residents about healthy lifestyle habits, cancer prevention, and the treatments available.
CanRevive will be developing a healthcare guide in Chinese which will help residents to understand how Australia’s health system operates and how to access screening and support services.
The organisation will also be conducting a series of information days in the local area on the various types of cancers.
CanRevive Service Support Manager Sabrina Mann explained the importance of ensuring that no one faces cancer alone.
“One can only imagine how distressing being diagnosed with cancer would be if English was not your first language or you were unfamiliar with the Australian health system.”
“CanRevive will collaborate with local hospitals, community health centres and other organisations in order ensure we are engaging with the local Chinese community.”
Georges River Council Administrator, John Rayner, said: “The Chinese speaking population is one of the three largest ethnic groups in the local area.”
“The funding will be used to engage with new migrants, cancer patients and their carers and will be valuable in raising awareness of healthy lifestyle habits.”
More than 60 applications were received by Council requesting funding through the Stronger Communities Fund Program.
Of these applicants, 27 were awarded funding ranging from $10,000 to $50,000, totalling $1 million in funding for local community groups.
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