Smart ChillOUT Hubs

Belgrave Street Kogarah, Macquarie Place Mortdale, and Timothy Reserve Hurstville are the chosen locations for the Smart Cities ChillOUT hubs - Smart Social Spaces Project, a joint initiative by the University of NSW, Street Furniture Australia and Georges River Council.

The project, which is funded by the Commonwealth for the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program, will deliver healthy, green and smart built environment ChillOUT hubs, and provide community open spaces that combat urban heat island effects while offering places and infrastructure that are people-friendly and beneficial to the areas liveability and therefore 'activating' those areas.

All sites will see the installation of new street furniture designed to improve healthy, connected living.

The project will run from November 2018 through to June 2020.

Belgrave Street, Kogarah

Timothy Street, Hurstville

Macquarie Place, Mortdale

For More Information

Additional information on the Federal Governments Smart Cities and Suburbs Program is available on the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development website.  



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