UPDATE: Acquisition of the Hurstville Baptist Church


Georges River Council has made every effort to facilitate a mutually beneficial arrangement for the acquisition of the Hurstville Baptist Church site – located on the corner of Dora Street and Queens Road, Hurstville – with representatives of the Church.
On 27 October, Council met with representatives of the Church to come to an arrangement. In meeting with the representatives, Council offered a number of possible solutions for the acquisition of the site.
One option that was offered was to continue allowing representatives of the Church to use the site for five to ten years while they looked for an alternative location to move to in Hurstville.
Another option was offered where Council would facilitate a land swap of the site with a Council-owned site. Council was willing to do this for any site in Georges River that the Church may have been interested in, subject to the swap representing value for money to both parties.
Council has also offered to provide space within the new Hurstville Civic Precinct that would be created following the acquisition of the site. The new Civic Precinct will be able to cater for the needs of the Church so that they could continue providing their services to the local community and within the same location as they are located.
These options remain available to the Church and Council is waiting for representatives to respond.
In seeking to acquire the Hurstville Baptist Church site, Council has followed due process and acted in accordance within the NSW Government Guidelines to ensure fairness and transparency.
Council does not determine the monetary value of the site, and this is done by the NSW Valuer General.

Georges River Council received approval, on 27 September 2016, to commence a formal process to acquire the Hurstville Baptist Church site as part of the Hurstville Civic Precinct Master Plan.

The acquisition of the site is essential for the purposes of delivering Council’s Hurstville Civic Precinct Master Plan.

This Plan identifies the potential of the Civic Precinct as a strategic site to deliver new community facilities, Council chambers and offices, public open space, public car parking, public performance spaces, a central library and residential and commercial office space.

The Hurstville Civic Precinct is located within the blocks bounded by Dora Street, MacMahon Street, Park Road and Queens Road, Hurstville. The Civic Precinct comprises approximately 13,000 square metres of which the vast majority is owned by Georges River Council.
Georges River Council will not require the use of the site for a number of years and remains prepared to negotiate occupation by the Church until that time.