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Triplets launch 'Woke' magazine with Council grant


Young people from the Georges River area have recently launched Woke, an online magazine by young people, for young people, following a winning project pitch.

Passionate about social justice issues, the Knijnik triplets Marina, Luiza and Juliana, put a pitch forward during Georges River Council’s Youth Week event, Dragon’s Den, where local young people were encouraged to devise a community project, along the lines of the television show, Shark Tank.

In the weeks leading up to the Dragon’s Den young people involved were mentored to develop their proposals and learn the techniques of an elevator pitch at workshops facilitated by Nicole Mahler, a winning contestant on Australia’s Shark Tank, and supported by Council staff, Hurstville Rotary and 3Bridges Community youth workers.

The Woke magazine project was awarded $2,000 and provides a platform for young people from across the region to share their thoughts and ideas related to social justice and how to make the world a better place.

Additionally, the web magazine promotes work being done by young people from around the world who are actively making a difference.

“We want to provide a platform that informs the youth about what’s happening in the world, as well as telling the stories of many young people who are following their dreams and striving to make a difference in our society,” said Marina.

“Our motto is to connect, inspire and empower: We want to provide a place for young people to connect with each other, be better informed and motivated to help change the world,” commented Luiza.

“We cover stories on the environment, mental health, human rights, social issues, and strongly encourage anyone who would like to contribute to get in touch and be a part of the change,” added Juliana.

For more information or to check out Woke online magazine, go to or contact them by email at
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