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Transformation of Netstrata Jubilee Stadium is bigger than football


Georges River Council has welcomed last week’s Budget announcement from the NSW Government regarding the initial $3 million funding allocation towards planning the $200 million revitalisation of Netstrata Jubilee Stadium in Kogarah.  
Council has a plan for a new community experience that will be inter-generational, multi-recreational and multi-sport. The $3 million funding in the Budget is the first stage in the transformation of the Stadium into a major community asset - not simply a football ground.
Council was delighted to receive the Treasurer’s news that the NSW Government will be investing $200 million into the redevelopment of Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, which will allow the transformation of the site into a state of the art community, cultural and sporting hub.
Council envisions a precinct that delivers on the Council’s and NSW Government’s shared vision for the area and creates more opportunities for the community to gather and connect across a range of cultural services and facilities.
The NSW government and Council are working together to revitalise the Stadium and transform the precinct for utilisation by all sporting codes, grassroots and professional, with community facilities for indoor sports, an aquatics facility, public health and wellness facilities such as hydrotherapy and rehabilitation services, as well as entertainment, concerts, cultural events and local markets.
Council is working cooperatively with the NSW Government in the planning of the project to ensure the new community infrastructure benefits both the local community and the people of NSW.
Revamping infrastructure like Netstrata Jubilee Stadium is a catalyst for local jobs and economic growth. The wide range of community facilities and services to be included in the precinct will provide local businesses with all the economic benefits that visitors to the precinct bring.
The $200 million investment into Netstrata Jubilee Stadium will create a unique community experience with the proposed inclusion of community meeting spaces, a child care centre, and mental health and aged care services, truly making it a place for the wider community.
The new precinct will incorporate improved traffic and transport options to complement the existing public and active transport available which make the site accessible for the local community, visitors and spectators. 
Mayor Greene said the “walk to the game” experience is what makes Netstrata Jubilee Stadium so popular with our community and that approach is at the very heart of the NSW government’s suburban football stadiums concept.
“We are looking forward to working with the NSW Government to build a facility that everyone can be a part of,” added Mayor Greene.

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