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This Spring - Be Kind 2 Your Mind


Georges River Council has partnered with local schools and local, state and national mental health service providers, to offer a free virtual event series, encouraging you to ‘Be Kind 2 Your Mind'.

Designed to raise awareness and support mental health in the current COVID-19 world, events will run throughout September and October 2020 and will speak to the challenges faced by infants, children, teenagers, adults and seniors.

Mayor of Georges River Council Kevin Greene said that the Be Kind 2 Your Mind program forms part of Council’s COVID-19 Safe Community Events Program and will cover a broad range of topics such as managing anxiety in children, supporting people with drug or alcohol addiction, and breaking down the stigma of depression through shared experiences.

“I am proud to launch Council’s Be Kind 2 Your Mind series at a time when many people may be feeling like they need extra support,” said Mayor Greene.

“This year has brought us drought, bushfires, and of course the COVID-19 pandemic and the series will provide strategies and tips to support our community and give them a place to connect.

“In a recent Australian study published in peer-reviewed PLOS ONE Journal, 78% of respondents reported that mental health problems had worsened during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“64% of respondents identified raised stress levels, 62% reported increased levels of depression and 50% experienced increased anxiety as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In March this year, Lifeline answered almost 90,000 calls for help, an increase of 25% compared to the same time last year.

“It is also unfortunately evident that there is a strong mental health trend among young people in Australia. Tragically, suicide continues to be the biggest killer of young Australians and almost one-fifth of all young people aged 11 to 17 years experience high or very high levels of psychological distress.

“It’s clear that we need to act now to address the issue of mental health in Australia and provide a supportive space and critical mental health strategies for our community.

“I would like to send the strong message to people struggling that you are not alone. There is support available, there are people that care deeply, and I encourage people all of ages to tune into the Be Kind 2 Your Mind virtual events.

“Not only will you get tools to help yourself navigate the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic, you will also learn strategies to support others – from children to seniors. Remember, we are all in this together,” added Mayor Greene.

Georges River Council is proud to partner with many national and local organisations to bring these valuable virtual events to the wider community. Supporting organisations include headspace, Black Dog Institute, Alcohol and Drug Foundation, South Eastern Sydney Local Health District, Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network, and 3Bridges Community.

‘Mental Health in a COVID-19 World’ will kick start the series on 22 September 2020, with Kristy Stewart, a clinician from headspace holding a Q&A session with Kogarah High School students that all students can tune into.

The next month will feature a range of virtual events with something for all ages. Parents and their children can attend three 20-minute sessions targeted at mental health education for primary school students.

Young people will share their experiences with mental health and how they manage stress and anxiety, and tips will be provided to assist parents to understand young people’s mental health.

A Q&A session aimed to assist seniors with access to mental health support will also be featured, as well as a week-long exercise program for the mind and body.

Other sessions will focus on suicide prevention, stress management and how to support someone with drug or alcohol addiction, including available support services.

Be Kind 2 Your Mind will also provide a range of free online resources at, including short yoga and tai-chi classes, yoga, breathing and relaxation activities for children.

Residents are also encouraged to sign up to Georges River Libraries to access free online courses via including managing stress, mindful meditations and avoiding burnout. Sign up at:

To access and RSVP to events in the Be Kind 2 Your Mind Series visit

For information on Georges River Council, visit or call 9330 6400.

Get Connected Mental Health Month program
Day & Date Time Title Description
Tuesday 22 September 9.30am

Mental health in a COVID-19 world

Tune in with Kristy Stewart, clinician from headspace for a Q&A session tackling anxiety and mental health issues for young people.

To join the online stream, click the URL:


Monday 28 to Wednesday 30 September 11.00am Mindfulness for under 5s Join us for three daily interactive sessions for children aged 3-5 covering yoga, breathing and relaxation.
1 October
4.00pm Reaching out:
how to support a loved one at risk of suicide
Tune in with a counsellor from South Eastern Sydney Local Health District.
Listen and talk to experts on recognising signs, raising the difficult subject, and tips on how you can help.
Monday 5 to Friday 9 October 10.00am Mind and body for seniors Take part in our week-long exercise program to keep your mind and body active. Daily exercise videos include tai chi, mediation and yoga.
Tuesday 6 October
Mindfulness Moments:
Techniques to increase your wellbeing and happiness
Are you ruminating over the past and fretting about the future? Learn how to live more in the present moment. Join us for a totally relaxing illuminating afternoon.
Saturday 10 October  4.00pm What do you tune out to tune in? Local young people share their experiences with mental health and discuss what they do to manage stress and anxiety.
A partnership project between headspace, 3Bridges Community and the Georges River Council Youth Advisory Committee.
Monday 12 October
Monday 19 October
Monday 26 October 
10.00am Managing anxiety in children and building
Tune in with author and wellbeing educator Kerry Moss for three 20-minute webinar sessions for children aged 8–12 and their parents.
Session 1: Explain your brain
Session 2: Unchain your brain
Session 3: Retrain your brain
14 October
10.00am Managing mental health for seniors St George Community Mental Health provide tips and resources on managing mental health for seniors.
15 October
10.00am Understanding young people’s mental health A live-streamed video session for young people and their parents with inspirational guest speaker Luke Kennedy.
Friday 16 October
Friday 23 October
Friday 30 October
10.00am Managing anxiety in your infant Tune in with child psychologist and parenting expert Claire Rowe.
Three 20-minute sessions for parents of infants 2–4 years. Kids can join in too.
20 October
11.00am Supporting seniors:
Tune in with clinician Ann Gaffney
This Q&A Zoom webinar is for seniors and their carers, presented by Ann Gaffney, Manager of Residential Aged Care from the Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network.
Learn how to maintain positive mental health during COVID-19. 
22 October
4.00pm Reaching out: How to help a loved one with addiction Tune in with Laura Bajurny from the Alcohol and Drug Foundation.
Learn how to support someone with alcohol or drug addiction and discover the support services available to you.
Tuesday 27 October 6.00pm Breaking Down Depression Tune in with Justin Wilbur from the Black Dog Institute.  
Hear about lived experience and ask questions about living with depression and mental illness.
29 October
11.00am Your Library resources Discover the amazing resources available at your fingertips through Georges River Libraries.
Learn how to access to tap into free online courses on:
- Managing Stress
- Mindful meditations for work and life
- Avoiding burnout
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