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The Wild exhibition revealing delicate ecosystem of Webbs Dam


Marvel at the outstanding collection of photographs captured by local resident and professional photographer, Rob Annesley, at the upcoming exhibition and book of the same name, The Wild: Webbs Dam.

Rob spent three years documenting the delicate ecosystem of Webbs Dam in the Georges River area, and curated an exhibition of images that give a detailed glimpse into its beautiful landscape.

A Lugarno local, Rob began taking daily walks at Webbs Dam and the rainforest towards Salt Pan Creek in an attempt to help his misbehaving (but loveable) dog expend some energy. However it wasn’t long before Rob also began taking a couple of cameras to document the landscape.

In The Wild: Webbs Dam, Rob brings together the insight and familiarity of a place which comes from being a daily visitor with the skills and vision of a professional photographer. The result is a captivating collection of images that reveal this hidden ecosystem in a surprising and moving way.

Rob explains his process in capturing nature: “When photographing nature, time isn’t relevant. It just takes as long as it takes. You attempt to visualise a shot; that is, planning the foreground, mid-ground and background that you would like in the image, and then you wait for the subject to enter the frame.
Often it never happens, but that’s not a problem. Because you have so much time patiently waiting, you see other opportunities and then the unexpected happens and that ends up being the shot you make. It’s really quite serendipitous.”

Rob has found inspiration in the work of Ken Duncan, Leila Jefferies, Aaron Baggenstos as well as lighting master, Joe McNally.

Join Rob for ‘An afternoon with the artist’ at the Hurstville Museum & Gallery on Sunday 12 July from 2.00pm to 5.00pm. The exhibition will be on display from 11 July to 2 August 2020.

You can find out more about Rob's work on the Hurstville Museum & Gallery blog and on Rob's Instagram: @shotbyrobphotography

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Homepage image credit: Rob Annesley at Webbs Dam. Image courtesy of Rob Annesley.

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Credit: Above photo by Rob Annesley
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