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Stephen Agius elected as new Deputy Mayor of Georges River Council


The Liberal Party’s Stephen Agius was elected as the Deputy Mayor of Georges River Council at an Extraordinary Council Meeting last night for the period until September 2021.

Deputy Mayor Agius, who is a lifelong resident of Kogarah thanked Councillor Hindi for his service to the community as Deputy Mayor over the past year and commented on his priorities for the next year.   

“I am honoured to have been elected to serve the Georges River Council community as Deputy Mayor and am looking forward to working with Mayor Kevin Greene to continue to champion Council’s high-level strategies to position the city to be future focused, ambitious and a positive leader for change.

“In 2050, Hurstville and Kogarah will be highly successful commercial and cultural centres that provide local jobs, and I am committed to helping to pave the way to achieve this and to continuously improving our way of life in the Georges River area,” added Deputy Mayor Agius.

Deputy Mayor Agius has held a number of esteemed positions in Local Government, having first been elected as a Councillor to Kogarah City Council in 2008, before going on to serve the community as Mayor between 2013-2014 and again in 2015-2016.

Deputy Mayor Agius has also worked with many diverse organisations and community groups and has operated a local business since 2001.

Georges River Council Standing Committee Representatives and Councillor Delegates for Advisory Committees, External Committees and Panels were also elected at the Extraordinary Council Meeting. Councillors will represent the community on these Committees until September 2021.  You can view the list of Councillor representatives here:

Election results and committee memberships will be confirmed in the minutes at the next ordinary meeting of Council in October.

For information on Georges River Council, visit or call 9330 6400.

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