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Services at risk if proposed new rates system rejected


Georges River Council is proposing to implement a new rates system from 1 July 2021. The proposal was developed following extensive community consultation and aims to make minimum rate payments equal across the entire local government area, as well as secure the standard of services into the future.

Council’s service portfolio is complex and diverse. It provides more than 200 services within the Georges River area and these are essential to a thriving and growing community. If the new rates system is approved, the quality and extent of these services will be maintained and enhanced for future generations.

If the Council’s total rates income does not increase over the next five years as proposed, the Council will be forced to reduce or cease some services. Council will be less able to respond to the needs of future population growth, which will place a significant strain on service quality. This could result in higher or overuse of current
assets such as parks and libraries, and poorer condition standards.

If the new rate system does not go ahead, houses in the former Kogarah Council area are likely to pay almost three times what an apartment owner currently pays (an average increase of $300), and apartment rates will drop – broadening the inequity instead of addressing it.

If the new rate system does not go ahead, houses in the former Hurstville Council area are likely to see an average decrease of $25 and those who had a large rate increase in 2020/21 will not receive a reduction.

Council has and will continue to find savings, efficiencies and implement improved operating models but without the rate income increase, cuts to services will be inevitable.

Support for the new rates system will deliver sustainable funding for Georges River Council to continue the high quality services that are valued by the community, while ensuring a fairer rates system for all ratepayers across the local government area.

You can attend a webinar on Saturday 21 November which will explain how rates work, and what the proposed changes might mean for you. For more information or to register your attendance, visit
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