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River Rail could provide access to 100,000 additional jobs for Sydney’s South and grow gross regional product by $7.5 billion


Georges River Council is advocating for immediate investment from the NSW Government in the River Rail, a proposed 24 kilometre rail link connecting Kogarah in Sydney’s South to Parramatta via Bankstown.
The River Rail would provide the South District and Greater Sydney with access to over 100,000 additional jobs within 45 minutes in 2045 and grow gross regional product by an estimated $7.5 billion between 2030 and 2045.
The South District currently has Sydney’s lowest levels of accessibility to the city’s metropolitan centres, with just 24% of dwellings located within 30 minutes of a metropolitan centre via public transport. Only 66,000 people in the corridor live within walking distance of a rail station.
An estimated 30,000 more trips by rail could be catered for by the River Rail each day in 2036, relieving congestion and saving around 5,000 hours of travel time daily, worth a potential $0.7 billion over 30 years.
Mayor of Georges River Council Kevin Greene said that the Georges River area sits at the centre of an undiscovered piece of Greater Sydney, with significant opportunities to accommodate additional jobs growth, in close proximity to existing homes, employment, services and facilities.
“The River Rail connection between Kogarah and Parramatta is a critical project which will transform the future of Sydney and the only way that the NSW State Government’s 30-minute city goal can be achieved for the South District,” said Mayor Greene.
“This vision, which  strives to create a city where most residents live within 30 minutes of their jobs, education and health facilities, services and great places, requires investment in direct public transport links like the River Rail.
“There has been much focus on the development and improvement of other areas of Sydney in recent years, such as the Aerotropolis in Western Sydney, and it is now time acknowledge and invest in the role of Sydney’s South District in our future city,” added Mayor Greene.
Committee for Sydney CEO Gabriel Metcalf added “This is a fantastic piece of research that explores a crucial link for Sydney.
“We need to move our city away from a radial network, where every trip has to be through Central, to a multimodal network - River Rail is a key component of that network.”
The Greater Sydney Commission’s policy supports jobs growth in Kogarah, and the broader South District requires urgent attention.
The River Rail would for be a catalyst for jobs growth and capitalise on Kogarah’s position as a strategic centre and health, knowledge and wellness precinct. A thriving Kogarah will help address the jobs gap and socio-economic divide between the South District and the Western, Central and Eastern Cities.
The Pulse of Greater Sydney highlights the importance of better public transport connections across the South District and this connection is supported in key city planning and transport strategies including the Greater Sydney Commission’s A Metropolis of Three Cities, Transport NSW’s Future Transport 2056 and the NSW State government Infrastructure Strategy. Read the Kogarah to Parramatta River Rail Project Report
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