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Residents to have greater access to Councillors through ‘Community Open Days’


In a continued effort to become more open and transparent, Georges River Council will explore introducing annual Community Open Days for members of the community to be able to meet with their Ward Councillors face-to-face.

The decision follows a notice of motion by Blakehurst Ward Councillor Sandy Grekas at the Council Meeting on 26 March.

“The idea behind this proposal is to bring Council to the community and increase face-to-face engagement,” Councillor Grekas said.

“There is a strong demand from members of the community for this type of engagement, which is evident through feedback the community has given Council and also through the hugely popular ‘Meet the Administrator’ sessions previously hosted by Council.”

“During the ‘Meet the Administrator’ sessions, members of the community were able to book in a time with the then Administrator, John Rayner, for 15 minutes and discuss any issues they liked.”

“Every one of the issues raised by community members were followed up by Council officers and resolved,” she explained.

“A perfect example of the success of these types of engagement opportunities was when a crane in Kyle Bay had been left on a vacant block of land for 11 years and was an eye-sore for residents.”

“This session allowed the residents to raise the issue with Council and achieve an outcome where Council took the owner to court to have it removed.”

“Through these face-to-face interactions that members of the community are able to have greater access and feel more connected to Council,” Councillor Grekas added.

Mayor of Georges River Council, Kevin Greene, said he was very supportive of the initiative and will make Council a far more open, transparent and Customer-focused organisation.

“One of the most regular comments we receive is that Council can engage and consult with the community more frequently,” Mayor Greene said.

“We need to explore more non-traditional ways of staying in touch with our residents and going out to the community to hear their ideas in a flexible and proactive way.”

“By hosting these Open Days, this will give the community a greater opportunity to meet with us face-to-face and discuss the issues that are most important to them with their local Councillors,” he said.

“I look forward to Ward Councillors being able to host these Open Days,” he added. 2017/2018 Facilities Budget.

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