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Reminiscence therapy brings nostalgic experiences to elderly residents


Georges River Council is inviting elderly residents to take a walk down memory lane, with Hurstville Museum & Gallery’s Reminiscence Therapy Kits which are available for hire to aged care facilities.
Reminiscence therapy enables senior citizens to relive positive personal events from their past, using interaction with objects and images to aid the recollection of memories, and encourage story sharing.
Each kit contains objects and photographs from the Hurstville Museum & Gallery’s collection, and a manual is provided for therapists and activity coordinators to help guide the session.
The following three Reminiscence Therapy Kits are available for hire:
  • Put your Glad Rags On: contains items of clothing and objects relating to the often tedious tasks of taking care of your clothes
  • Young at Heart: contains childhood toys, games and photographs
  • At the Shops: contains objects relating to the experiences of shopping and socialising
Hurstville Museum & Gallery is ensuring the safety of elderly residents throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by increasing sanitation practices when loaning the kits to aged care facilities.
Kit packaging including boxes, lids and any protective plastic packaging around objects will be disinfected before and after each use and the kits will be quarantined for two weeks once returned. Disposable gloves will also be provided with all kit hire.
This safety plan has been developed in accordance with collection care advice from the Australian Museum and Galleries Association (AMAGA) and Grimwade Conservation Services. The kits cost $55.00 each to hire for three weeks.
To book a kit, please contact Hurstville Museum & Gallery at For information on Georges River Council, please visit or call 9330 6400.
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