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Public art expresses memory, meaning and identity in Sydney’s south


Creative contemporary artworks have been painted on two new table tennis tables, adding colour to Georges River’s local parks and amenities.

Designed by emerging artist Keith Stanley with bold illustrations, the two designs breathe vibrancy into public spaces in Sydney’s south.
The two artworks will engage residents and visitors as a permanent part of the much-loved public spaces at Pole Depot Park and Peakhurst Park.
At the artistic completion of these facilities, Georges River Mayor Kevin Greene said art and creative installations are vital components of our streets, as they can reinvent our city by encouraging creative minds to transform public spaces.
He said, “These two commissions encourage exploration and community connection in the neighbourhoods.
“Public art is out and about, as are we now, on the streets, in the parks.
“They shape Georges River with memory, meaning and identity.
“Being publicly accessible, they stimulate and provoke thoughts and actions, adding texture to our experience with strong visual impact, complementing our community facilities and cityscape.”
Artist, Keith Stanley said, “The design of blue stream in my artwork represents the Georges River, while the whale and toucan motifs represent space, clarity and insight.
“I want to use these graphics to inspire people to maintain a healthy lifestyle; partake in new and enjoyable hobbies, also stay connected with friends and family – the true meaning of being engaged in a community.”
Since the adoption of the Create Georges River Cultural Strategy 2019 and Public Art Policy in 2020, Georges River Council has elevated the visual profile of local spaces with various creations including:

  • 2021 Neon Garden, Hurstville by artist Carla O’Brien – an installation to activate space after hours but also brightens the space during the day. 

  • 2020 Mural on the corner of Dora and MacMahon Street, Hurstville by artist Mandy Salter, a.k.a. MAN.De

  • 2020 Mural at Post Office Lane, Kogarah - a large scale art piece acknowledging Kogarah as the ‘Place of Reeds’ in Biddegal country as well as more broadly referencing the Georges River. 

  • 2020 Mural at ChillOUT Hub in Kogarah by artist Nastia Gladushchenko – featuring native plant species originally found in the region.

  • 2020 Traffic signal box public art project - in key locations across Georges River LGA, which saw 15 humble boxes transformed into urban canvases.

  • 2019 Carss Bush Park Mural - designed by Council’s painter Matthew Bramston, which features tiles painted by near 600 local school children as a preventative mural.

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