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Prime Minister Scott Morrison visits Carss Park Foreshore Naturalisation Project


The Hon. Scott Morrison, MP, Prime Minister of Australia last week visited the Carss Park Foreshore Naturalisation Project, following completion of Stage One and Two of works at the site.  
The project features ongoing research and development into seawall construction, with the intention of increasing foreshore habitat through innovative design.  
The recent works will help to encourage and protect estuarine habitat communities, beautify the area and enhance recreational opportunities for Georges River residents.  

The Hon. Scott Morrison, MP, Prime Minister of Australia said that the works will support the surrounding environment.  

“I’m thrilled to see our plans for the Carss Park foreshore reconstruction unveiled,” the Prime Minister said. 
“The Carss Park foreshore is a very special place. By building an environmentally friendly seawall, we can encourage the growth of salt marsh and mangroves, creating a mudflat and beach environment. 
“An overwater boardwalk will also ensure people can enjoy even more of the foreshore.” 

Development of the Carss Bush Park Foreshore Naturalisation Project has been progressively completed, resulting in one of the best examples of foreshore ecoengineering.  

Mayor of Georges River Council Kevin Greene thanked the Federal Government for its generous funding of $800,000 towards the project.  

“On behalf of Georges River Council, I would like to thank Prime Minister Scott Morrison for his support in helping to bring this project to life, which will not only yield benefits to the environment, but increase the aesthetic, social, educational and cultural value of the Carss Park Foreshore,” said Mayor Greene. 

“Carss Park Point is one of three foreshore naturalisation stages focused on connecting the community with the foreshore, emulating the historic shape of Carss Point, and establishing estuarine habitat communities.  

“These communities include saltmarsh, intertidal rock platform, and habitats on the riverbed, which have been introduced through the use of sandstone terraces, concrete construction, and ‘rip-rap’ zones.  

“A central addition to this section of the foreshore is construction of a boardwalk, which allows the community to connect further with Kogarah Bay and improves the amenity of the popular Carss Park walk, with final works slated for completion later in the year,” added Mayor Greene. 

Other incorporations to the foreshore include a small boat ramp for the local remote control sailing club, and a section of new vertical seawall to be used as a location for the experimentation of new habitat enhancement devices. 

This stage of the project, costing $2.4 million, was funded by Georges River Council with assistance from the Australian Government under the Improving Your Local Parks and Environment Program.

Photography: John Veage. 
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