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Pop in to Pop-Up Day at Oatley Park


Georges River Council Mayor Kevin Greene is inviting the community to come together and share their views on the design of a new playspace at Oatley this weekend.

Georges River Council is working with the NSW Government to deliver a new inclusive playspace at Oatley Park that will enable surrounding communities to come together and play.

“The project is being jointly funded by Council and a NSW Government contribution of $1 million which will be used to plan, design and construct an inclusive playspace,” Mayor Greene said.

“This will be an inclusive local playspace where communities come together and relax, play and belong.

“This is a playspace for the people of Oatley, and we want everyone to have a say in its final look and feel,” Mayor Greene said.

Commissioner for Open Space and Parklands, Fiona Morrison said the new playspace is part of the five-year Everyone Can Play in NSW initiative, aimed at delivering more useable and inclusive playspaces for the people of NSW.

“An inclusive playspace is one that is easy to access, easy to move around in, and with the right amenities, in a comfortable environment,” Ms Morrison said.

“NSW is home to 1.3 million people living with a disability, an ageing population increasingly involved in the everyday care of grandkids, and a diverse cultural mix, so our playspaces need to provide an inclusive experience for all.”

This playspace is being delivered in line with the Government’s draft Everyone Can Play in NSW guidelines which will guide councils, architects and designers to make playspaces inclusive for everyone.

Minister for Planning and Housing Anthony Roberts said everyone, regardless of age or ability, should be able to enjoy playing together in our local parks.

“The Everyone Can Play in NSW program will have an incredible impact on the more than 1.3 million people living in NSW with a disability or additional needs,” he said.

Everyone is invited to come along to a community consultation day at Oatley Park this Saturday 6 October between 10.30am and 2.30pm. Construction of the new playspace is expected to begin in November.

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