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Parking in Beverly Hills Town Centre


Georges River Council welcomes the $2.5 million Federal government funding for the construction of additional car parking for shoppers and commuters at Beverly Hills Town Centre.

For some years now, Council has identified its existing car park in Edgbaston Road, Beverly Hills, as a suitable site for the construction of a new 400-600 space car park.

Council has stood ready to contribute its $10 million parcel of land towards the construction of a new car park for several years. Council has fully designed and costed the car park and the plans have been provided to the NSW government and Transport for NSW on several occasions during the past 12 months in an attempt to obtain a funding commitment from the State.

The General Manager of Georges River Council has also met with the Member for Oatley, Ministerial representatives and Transport for NSW staff to advocate for construction of the car park and the provision of State Government funding.

The total cost estimate for the car park is approximately $20 million dollars, comprising $10 million in land costs and $10 million in construction costs. Council welcomes the $2.5 million contribution from David Coleman MP and awaits a contribution from the NSW Government in order to progress with construction as soon as possible.

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