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Over 1000 residents use Council's free Chemical Cleanout service


Over the weekend of Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 October, residents of the Georges River area flocked to Council's Mortdale Depot on Roberts Avenue to dispose of household chemical waste.

The weekend was a huge success with 1009 residents heading to the Mortdale Depot over the two days to dispose of house hold chemicals.

More than 45 tonnes of chemicals were collected from residents, which consisted of pesticides and herbicides, pool chemicals, motor fuels, paints, gas bottles and car and household batteries.

This service is important as it not only provides residents with a safe way to dispose of unwanted chemicals, but also has a number of benefits for the local environment.

These chemicals, which could have ended up in landfill or poured down drains and in our waterways, will now be disposed of in an environmentally conscious way.

The success of the weekend is a great example of a Council program that benefits residents and the environment.

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