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Official launch of Woke online magazine for young people


Georges River Council Mayor Kevin Greene officially launched the online youth magazine Woke last week, which was created by the Knijnik triplets, Luiza, Juliana and Marina as part of Council’s Youth Week event, Dragon’s Den.

With approximately 70 people in attendance including local youth services representatives and educators, Mayor Greene congratulated the young entrepreneurs on the initiative and talked passionately about the importance of social justice.

“It’s enormously heartening to see young people who are passionate about the interests, issues and concerns relevant to their peers, and taking action to provide a platform for their discussion,” said Mayor Greene.

“Woke provides a valuable outlet for young people to express their opinions and speak freely, two things that are essential to bringing about societal change and assisting the community to develop and progress.

“Council was pleased to award $2,000 to aid in the website’s development, and I look forward to watching its progress as other young people add their voices in order to inform and inspire each other.

Juliana Knijnik said that she and her sisters started Woke because they wanted to make a difference, and her sister Marina said that the Dragon’s Den competition gave young people with a dream of helping their community a chance to pitch their ideas to judges. 

“We’ve always thought about doing something to help our community and this was our chance,” said Marina.

“The world today seems to regard teenagers and young adults as incapable of forming intelligent opinions based on world problems. They think students should stay in school and leave the politics to those outside the school.

“This opinion that adults have about teenagers only encourages the apathetic nature many of us demonstrate. We decided to create a website for young people by young people that talks about issues that affect us every day. 

“We want to provide a platform that informs the youth about what’s happening in the world, as well as telling the stories of many young people who are following their dreams and striving to make a difference in our society. 

“Our plan is to empower the youth of today, by informing them and telling them about these young change makers, so that little by little we can make the world a better place.

“This is the dream of Woke – to connect, inspire and empower the youth of today’s society and show them that they can truly make a difference,” explained Marina.

Luiza Knijnik said that one voice or article calling for change is crucial to activism in today’s world. 

“That’s what Woke aims to do. We want to be the spark that can set the world aflame, because one person can make a difference. One voice can start a ripple effect, and as the old adage goes, a pen will always be mightier than the sword,” added Luiza.

The Dragon’s Den event was run in partnership between Georges River Council, 3Bridges and the Rotary Club of Hurstville.

For more information or to check out Woke online magazine, go to or contact them by email at
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