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Notification of street tree removal and replacement along Gungah Bay Road, Oatley


Georges River Council has received a number of requests from local residents, and more recently from Ausgrid, for the removal of the Eucalyptus microcorys (Tallowwood) under power lines. 

Ausgrid and Georges River Council will work together to achieve the removal  of 17 trees and replacement of about 30 local street trees in Oatley, to help protect the reliability and safety of the local electricity supply. 

The Tallowwoods have been growing under powerlines and will be replaced with Water Gums along a section of Gungah Bay Road, Oatley. 

Ausgrid General Manager Program Delivery Nathan Rhodes said the program was a great outcome for local residents. 

“We understand the community values street trees and we all expect a safe and reliable power supply,” Mr Rhodes said. 

“Many of these trees have a mature height of up to 40 metres. They have been trimmed regularly to help ensure they wouldn’t impact the power supply to local homes and businesses. 

“Unfortunately Tallowwoods don’t respond well to regular trimming and the safest option is to replace them,” he added. 

Following Ausgrid’s removal of the Tallowwoods, a new and more suitable species of tree will be planted by Council. 

This is expected to take place within one month of the original trees being removed. The replacement species, the Water Gum, has been carefully selected to ensure ongoing maintenance around powerlines was minimised. 

Water Gums are a much smaller tree which still offer visual amenity for the streetscape and are suitable for planting around powerlines. For more information, contact Council’s Tree Management Officer Stephen Lunniss via 9330 6400.
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