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New career pathways launched at Council


Georges River Council Administrator John Rayner said Council will soon be offering new career pathways with a program that offers traineeships, apprenticeships and employment opportunities for people with a disability.
Mr Rayner explained that the Program, which has had funding set aside in the 2017-2018 Operational Plan and Budget, will initially provide the opportunity for trade apprentices to work with Council across seven specialist areas in the Engineering Operations Team.
“As a large local employer we have a social and economic responsibility to give people opportunities to develop the skills for their future career, and due to the nature of our operations we will always have a need for a wide range of tradespeople” he said.
Mr Rayner said that the trade apprenticeships will be run with the assistance of an external provider and will give apprentices the opportunity to work with Council for a period of 12 months.
“During this period, the apprentices will develop key skills in their chosen trade, while also gaining broader community and commercial experience.”
Recruitment for the trade apprentice program will start in late August and the positions available will include one mechanic, one electrician, one carpenter, one painter, one landscaper, two greenkeepers and one arborist.
Council is also working towards identifying work opportunities for people with a disability and to partner with an external provider to fill these positions by the end of the year.
“While Council currently welcomes job applications from people with a disability we see there are further opportunities in this area”
“On expanding this program by actively seeking work opportunities for people with a disability, Council is also consistent with its commitment to being an inclusive organisation. This means that a variety of work opportunities will be accessible to everyone.” he added.
“Apprentices, trainees, people with a disability and indigenous persons working with Georges River Council will be supported by an inclusive organisation while gaining valuable experience within the local government sector.”
“By creating this program, Council is able to champion diversity and employment inclusion by supporting all people looking to learning a trade or new skills, while also gaining valuable work experience,” he added.
For more information about the upcoming Trade Apprentice opportunities; please contact Council on 9330 6400 or visit

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