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New Local Environmental Plan – helping to build a better Georges River


A new plan is in place to harmonise and improve Georges River Council’s vision for a revitalised community, with new homes, more jobs and to breathe new life into Sydney’s south.
The Georges River Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2021, replaces the existing Hurstville and Kogarah planning controls and will apply a consistent land use approach across the entire Local Government Area (LGA).
The new LEP plans for more housing choice, to attract more investment; and to create better designed buildings and protection of the natural environment.  The LEP helps Council to achieve our housing and job targets set by the NSW government.
More employment floor space will be created to generate local jobs and meet the demands of the future population by 2036.
Georges River Mayor Kevin Greene said it is time for us to raise the bar by implementing our vision for our community through the Council’s planning frameworks.  
“This plan has been with the NSW government for more than 18 months and its gazettal marks the beginning of an exciting future for Georges River."
“LEP2021 sets the future of development in the LGA by providing for more housing choice, greener suburbs, more productive industrial areas, sustainable and well-designed buildings and a healthy Georges River foreshore."
“It will also bring new life and vibrancy into our town centres and create new jobs, especially for small businesses and creative industries.”

What the new LEP does:

  • Delivers a consistent set of planning controls across the whole LGA.

  • Provides more housing choice by increasing medium density housing such as townhouses, terraces and villas, to create more options for young families and people looking to downsize and stay in their neighbourhood.

  • Creates greener suburbs by significantly increasing the amount of landscaping that must be provided in new developments.

  • Manages environmental hazards like sea level rise and protects the natural foreshore environment.

  • Encourage a friendly environment for restaurants, cafes and small bars in higher density neighbourhoods, so our neighbourhoods are lively and liveable.

  • Protect and create new local jobs in town centres with new developments providing more commercial and retail spaces.

  • Introduce creative and artistic uses to some of our industrial precincts.

  • Promotes well-designed and sustainable apartment buildings, shops and factories.

For more information, please visit Local Environmental Plans

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