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New Car Parking Strategy for the Georges River area


Georges River Council is currently preparing a Car Parking Strategy for business zoned land throughout the local government area.
Council’s Administrator, John Rayner, said that the Strategy will apply to all of the commercial centres across the council area and will take a holistic place-making approach to the provision of parking across each of the centres.
“The Strategy will aim to assist Council in managing the demand for parking and enhance the vitality of business centres by making the best use of streets, whilst preserving the amenity of nearby residential streets” he said.
“The Strategy will also look to improve economic prosperity in recognition that the availability of on and off-street parking is essential to businesses.”
“As of 2016, the Georges River area is home to more than 15,600 businesses providing more than 47,500 jobs. By addressing parking across business centres within the local area we will greatly assist these businesses,” he added.
“The Strategy will also identify key centres where the investment of developer contribution funds could be utilised to fund relevant improvement schemes and public transport.”
Mr Rayner explained that in order to develop the Strategy, Council will be engaging an expert consultant to assist with a study of the current parking available at commercial centres throughout the area.
“This study will provide Council with an overview of the existing parking supply and the differing demands in the commercial centres,” he said.
“Following the study, Council will implement strategies for each of the commercial centres to ensure the ongoing economic viability of these areas right across Georges River,” he added.
For more information about the Car Parking Strategy, please contact Council via 9330 6400 or visit

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