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More shrubs for Moore Reserve thanks to Council funds


Georges River Councillor Sandy Grekas recently joined members of the Oatley Flora and Fauna Conservation Society (OFF) at Moore Reserve to help plant 350 native shrubs.

Cr Grekas’ chose to provide $750 of her Discretionary Ward funding to OFF to fund the purchase of tubestock from a local native plant nursery.

A wide variety of plants were chosen by OFF for this location including a Sydney Turpentine and Ironbark Forest vegetation community, grasses such as Themeda australis, Poa affinis, and groundcovers like native violets.

OFF President Kim Wagstaff said that the plant selection is conducive to small bird habitat.

“It is our hope that one day the resulting green corridor will bring wrens, finches and other small vulnerable native birds from other areas to repopulate this part of the world. Maintaining and enhancing local biodiversity is the ultimate goal here.”

“OFF will be back at this and a number of other sites around the local area that we have revegetated as we undertake regular scheduled maintenance such as weeding. This ensures the ongoing survival and growth of the planted areas.

“It's through opportunities to undertake projects like this one that we aim to fulfil OFF’s mission – ‘Working to protect, conserve and enhance the natural environment locally and globally’, added Mr Wagstaff.

Councillor Grekas said there were 10 volunteers helping to plant the shrubs at the north-eastern end of the dog park.

“Last year I chose to provide the same amount to OFF which funded the purchase of shrubs that were planted close by,” said Cr Grekas.

“It’s wonderful to see that last year’s shrubs are thriving and helping to add shelter and shade at this location for our local community and wildlife.

“The volunteers at OFF are incredibly knowledgeable and generous with the time they dedicate to protecting and encouraging the flora and fauna in our unique natural environment here in the Georges River.

“I would strongly encourage anyone interested in taking care of the environment to get in touch with the people at OFF, or to volunteer with Council’s Bushcare volunteers group,” she added.
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