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Meade Park users can skip to the loo soon!


Kogarah Bay Ward Councillor Nick Katris, who initiated the recently installed all-inclusive playground at Meade Park is following through on his promise made at the park’s official opening in July, with temporary toilet facilities being installed until a permanent structure is built.
The adventure playground was an instant hit within the community and beyond, as the playground offers fun for everyone.
“It’s really rewarding when a project that you initiate not only comes to fruition, but proves to have such a positive impact for the community,” said Councillor Katris.
“From the day it opened Meade Park playground has been buzzing with activity, as it incorporates diverse zones for all ages and abilities, with activity zones for toddlers.
“The community has really embraced this first-class asset, and many birthday parties are held here at weekends as well as visitors who attend regularly throughout the week.
“The community told us what they wanted to see here and Council delivered,” added Councillor Katris.
“Council is committed to providing more and better open and green spaces, and the new shade structures, accessible picnic shelters and barbeque facilities have really enhanced the area,” added Cr Katris.
The temporary toilets will be installed at the park on 18 December 2019 until the permanent toilet facility is built, which is expected to commence in mid-January 2020.
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