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Mayor calls on community to think green on World Environment Day


Today, on World Environment Day, Georges River Council is encouraging community members to incorporate simple tips for sustainability into their day-to-day lives, to help conserve the natural environment now and into the future.
Mayor of Georges River Council Kevin Greene acknowledged the significant progress of Council’s waste and sustainability initiatives across the past year, and called on residents to advocate for sustainable change at an individual level.
“Council has made significant headway in implementing sustainable practices that bring us closer to achieving our goal of net zero carbon emissions and 100% renewable energy by 2025”, said Mayor Greene.
“I am proud to share that all commitments in Council’s Cities Power Partnership have been achieved, which is aimed at fast-tracking the uptake of renewables at a community level.
“These achievements can be seen across the Georges River area, where Council has increased its uptake of renewable energy and has made community education around renewables a priority.
“Across the past year, Council has increased its use of solar panels by 100%, promoted uptake of renewable power options in households, and purchased its first two electric vehicles.
“The popular Magic of Christmas, Lunar New Year and the Australia Day events have been certified as Carbon Neutral by Climate Active, meaning that all activities resulted with running the events resulted in net zero emissions.
“Council’s Clean Up Australia events earlier this year saw residents come together to collect a whopping 0.7 tonnes of litter from the Georges River, which is testament to the community’s dedication to protecting our beautiful natural environment.
“Achieving sustainable outcomes is a collective effort, and it is often by making seemingly small changes at an individual level that we can affect the greatest shifts on a global scale.
“I would like to acknowledge and thank community volunteers in Council’s Bushcare Program and the Oatley Flora and Fauna Conservation Society, as well as Council staff involved with the Georges Riverkeeper and Bushcare Programs, for their ongoing and admirable efforts nurturing and protecting our environment.
“Today, on World Environment Day, I ask that you look to incorporate more sustainable practices into your daily routines - this could be as simple as bringing reusable bags shopping, refusing plastic cutlery, or composting your organic waste,” added Mayor Greene.
Council has installed four new solar PV systems during the past 12 months, at Kogarah Library, Norm O’Neill Cricket Training Facility, Jack High Child Care, and Narani Childcare Centre.
Tips for reducing your environmental footprint
Georges River residents can receive free delivery and a 50% discount on compost bins, worm farms and bokashi bins at Compost Revolution. Join a quick tutorial online to learn how to reduce greenhouse emissions by recycling food scraps to create garden fertiliser. Find out more:
The Georges River Council website offers a range of tips for sustainability, including guides for making eco body-care products, tips for reducing food waste and educational flyers. For more information, visit:
The Hurstville Museum & Gallery has provided further inspiration with a short video which features simple steps for upcycling old T-shirts into personalised reusable tote bags:
For information on Georges River Council, please visit or call 9330 6400.
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