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Makeover Month to beautify Hurstville Town Centre


Georges River Council is tackling the issue of cleanliness of its town centres head-on.

This March will see the launch of Makeover Month which will enhance the Hurstville town centre.

“In November 2017 we rolled out the first phase of a major clean-up with the Big Wash of Forest Road, Hurstville. This tackled cleanliness of footpaths, shopfronts and windows, under awnings and signage, along with painting and mulching,” said Georges River Council Mayor Kevin Greene.

“Makeover Month will go even further, with pressure cleaning to take place on both sides of the railway line.
“This initiative will lead to Hurstville becoming a cleaner, greener and more attractive town centre for locals and visitors.

“Members of the community have told Council that cleanliness of public space is the number one attribute they value. We’ve listened, and we intend to make sure this is achieved.

“Makeover Month will include installation of street planters at key locations in the town centre to help lift the overall look and feel of Hurstville.

“We have also been working to educate people about the issues associated with feeding the pigeons near the ramp leading to Hurstville train station. To activate the space in a better way we will be setting up a pop-up play area for children,” added Mayor Greene.

Council is using Makeover Month to remind the business community of signage and waste provisions to reduce visual clutter and ensure the streets of Hurstville town centre are kept clean and pest-free for the long term.
Additionally, Council’s Rangers will be increasing after hours and weekend inspections of Forest Road to discourage unauthorised street traders engaging in the selling of food and articles from the footpath.

Mayor Greene pointed out, “These activities not only cause disruption to people using footpaths, but may lead to food-related illnesses as the origin of the food is unknown.”

Residents are encouraged not to purchase food from street traders but from registered businesses that are subject to regular food premises inspections by Council staff.

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