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Local councils join forces to reduce fox numbers


Georges River Council and the neighbouring councils of Bayside, Canterbury-Bankstown and Sutherland Shire, are continuing to implement an integrated program of fox control management.

These council areas contain numerous threatened species which are preyed on by foxes, including the pied oyster catcher, little tern, green and golden bell frog, bush stone-curlew, powerful owl and the long-nosed bandicoot.

Foxes also pose a threat to residents’ backyard chickens, as well as native mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs.

The Fox Management Program being implemented by Georges River Council involves the following steps:
1. Education
2. Notification
3. Fox control methods.

Council is currently completing steps one and two outlined in the information below. As part of step three, council will conduct further public notification prior to the implementation of approved fox control methods at a number of Council parks and reserves.

The education and notification program involves the distribution of a Fox Education Guide to residential premises adjacent to areas where foxes have been sighted. This guide is also available at Council facilities and community events.

The community can learn more about the European Red Fox and its impacts or download the Fox Education Guide through the ‘Foxes’ section of Council’s website, found at:

Residents are encouraged to record sightings and evidence of foxes with Fox Scan, an online initiative of the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre (IACRC).

The Fox Scan webpage contains a portal specifically for the southern Sydney region, allowing users to refine data based on the Council area, and view and record localised fox sightings.

Mr Peter West, Project Leader with the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre, and Invasive Species Officer with NSW Department of Primary Industries said, “This coordinated approach to monitoring fox sightings across the region will help councils tackle the fox problem in urban areas.

“Recording where you see foxes, how many and what problems they are causing, can help local authorities and community groups develop strategies to reduce problems caused by foxes,” added Mr West.

To record foxes in your local area, or download the Fox Scan App (available in Apple and Android), go to:

If you do not have web access and would like to register a fox sighting or if you would like to find out further information on this project please contact Georges River Council’s Senior Environment Officer on 9330 6053.
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