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Little Lunar dazzling night out in Sydney south


Georges River Council is painting the heart of Sydney south red and gold – lighting Hurstville bright to mark the beginning of the Year of the Ox. 

At 5.30pm Friday 19 February, Hurstville plaza will come to life for an evening of food stalls, lion dances and Chinese opera, to mark this important festival on Sydney’s event calendar. 

For a taste of traditional lunar flavours, diners will have the opportunity to stimulate their senses with some of Sydney’s best Asian food stalls serving a delicious selection of bite-size celebratory dishes under the moonlight.

Georges River Mayor Kevin Greene said: “We have put a lot of work into creating an exciting and diverse program; from our street party atmosphere to community dance performances and of course, the food, there’s truly something for everyone.

“As the Year of the Ox is upon us, we look forward to a year of strength, determination and consistent efforts to achieve our goals as a united community.

“I wish everyone a healthy, safe and prosperous year ahead.”

As the evening unfolds, Sydneysiders will have the opportunity to embrace the cultural highlights that make up Georges River, by enjoying Chinese pan-fried dumplings, dim sums, dragon beard candy, vegetarian Chinese dishes, Malaysian Hawker and more. 

Little Lunar night out highlights include:

•    The one and only Dragon Beard Candy master in Australia – 77 years old Gary Au - learnt his mastery in his teens and started his journey into the world of confectionery making 30 years ago. As he pulls the soft candy ball, fine white threads start to form, as fine as Chinese silk, hence the name ‘dragon beard’. 

•    All seniors M&M Line Dancing group performances, with the oldest participant over 75 years of age. 

76 years old Janet Shiu (邵), a local resident in Peakhurst, has been dancing with the group for more than a decade. 

She said, “I formed such bonds with my team members over the years, it’s important to me to keep dancing and active. On the night, the 14 of us oldies will dance along Gong Xi Gong Xi with traditional Chinese greeting etiquette: fist and palm salute (抱拳礼) to wish everyone a prosperous year ahead.”

•    Chinese Cantonese opera performances by Shunshing Opera group (新星粤剧团) from Kingsgrove Community Centre. All in their 60’s. Local seniors will show audiences the true essence of this Chinese dramatic art form with roots going back to Tang Dynasty. 

On the night, classics including Romance of the Phoenix Chamber (《凤阁恩仇未了情》) and Small banquet on Gathering of Heroes (《群英会之小宴》) will bring us back to the past and experience how stories were told hundreds of years ago. 

•    Lion dances by Yau Kung Mun youngsters. These young boys and girls enjoy telling the story, it is a story that resembles the thousands of years of traditions. 

With great teamwork and dance moves, lion dancers bond like brothers and sisters, carrying on the rich history that once belonged to their ancestors who dedicated their lives to capturing the movements of the animal in dance.

This is a COVID-19-safe event which will adhere to a NSW Government approved COVID-19 Safety Plan. This plan includes COVID-19 Safety Marshals onsite for the duration of the event, mandatory QR Code registration for attendees entering the designated performance area, as well as hand sanitiser stations provided in key entry/exit areas.

Little Lunar is a part of In Good Taste program. For full festival program, please visit:
For more information on Georges River Council, please visit or call 9330 6400. 

Georges River Council would like to thank our In Good Taste Media Partner – SBS Corporation. Funding for the Little Lunar activity has been provided by the NSW Government. 

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