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Kogarah to Parramatta connection a priority for investment


Georges River Council is advocating for the Kogarah to Parramatta rail link to be ‘fast-tracked’ following a recent statement from the Committee for Sydney that highlights connectivity between the two locations as a priority for investment.

The Committee’s statement responds to Infrastructure Australia’s annual Infrastructure Priority List, which highlights projects and initiatives deemed crucial to meet Australia’s infrastructure needs, covering sectors including water, energy, health, waste, transport, telecommunications, arts and recreation.

Mayor Kevin Greene welcomes the focus on expanding and improving Sydney’s public transport, with access to the Parramatta CBD from strategic centres and the Sydney Metro West listed as High Priority Initiatives.

“The Committee for Sydney has recommended building out the transport network connecting Parramatta, including an upgraded mode of transport to Sydney Olympic Park and Metro, connecting south to Kogarah and north to Epping,” said Mayor Greene.

“This connection is already supported in key city planning and transport strategies produced by both the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) and Transport for NSW.

“Meeting the NSW Government’s vision for Greater Sydney to be a 30-minute city, where most residents live within 30 minutes of their jobs, education and health facilities, services and great places, requires direct public transport links like the Kogarah to Parramatta rail link.

“From our preliminary work with engineering firm Arup, the anticipated benefits from this city-shaping investment include an estimated $7.5 billion in additional gross regional product across Sydney from 2030 to 2045.

“An additional 30,000 trips would be taken by rail each day in 2036, an additional 118,000 people will be in walking distance to a station and 100,000 additional jobs will be accessible from stations along the line (within 45 minutes in 2045).

“Georges River Council warmly welcomes the support of this rail connection – it will completely transform the possibilities for Kogarah and fulfil the role envisaged for it in the GSC’s planning.

“This vision identifies Kogarah as a strategic centre and health and education precinct in this region of Sydney – and as a focus of employment.

“Making Georges River an easier place to access will also influence the productivity and liveability of the South District, and support more jobs and services locally. A liveable city consisting of short journeys between employment, homes and amenities attracts talent, investment and indeed community satisfaction,” added Mayor Greene.
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