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Interactive Christmas fun in Hurstville thanks to Councillor Christina Wu


Hurstville Ward Councillor Christina Wu has added some interactive fun for families and friends with the addition of some colourful Christmas decorations just outside Hurstville train station, adjacent to Forest Road. 

Councillor Wu was keen to bring Christmas cheer and provide some fun and festive photo opportunities to shoppers and residents of Hurstville. 

“I’m really pleased with what’s on offer – both the Christmas present and the life-size elf cut-outs offer people the chance to have some fun and help them make lasting Christmas memories using their own phones or cameras,” said Councillor Wu. 

“So many of us are working hard all year round, whether in the workplace or in the home, and Christmas is a great time to wind down, relax with family and have fun. 

“A lot of families have been stopping here with small children, and having lots of fun particularly with the elf cut-outs, which is really nice to see. Council loves being able to offer entertaining and interactive activities for our community. 

“I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and look forward to working with the Georges River community in 2020,” added Councillor Wu.
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