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Improved stormwater quality and recreational space at Gannons Park


Georges River Council has unveiled Stage One of its Gannons Park Water Quality Improvement and Stormwater Harvesting Scheme.

Upper Boggywell Creek, which previously flowed through Gannons Park, has been restored as part of the works, which include the installation of a storm water culvert and storm water treatment systems, to improve the quality of the storm water entering the Georges River.

Georges River Council Mayor Kevin Greene said that the works will have positive impacts on the environment and will help with long-term management of the park.

“Once fully implemented, the Gannons Park works will provide over 30 million litres of recycled stormwater each year for irrigation, significantly reducing portable water use,” said Mayor Greene.

“In terms of water quality, the scheme will remove over 16,000 kilograms of sediment, 22 kilograms of phosphorus and 131 kilograms of nitrogen every year from flows entering the Georges River.”

“The works have already vastly enhanced the natural environment, making it not only more aesthetically appealing but, more importantly, environmentally sustainable for the long-term.”

Works include a new shared path running alongside the reinstated creek, a rocky swale, storm water diversion, a gross pollutant trap and the establishment of a new pond and boardwalk.

Upon completion of the final two project stages, Gannons Park will also offer an appealing new destination for leisure activities, with a network of wetlands, water bodies, creek lines and swales, creating a major new natural asset and providing linkages to the Georges River foreshore. Harvested water will also be used to irrigate the eight playing fields at Gannons Park.

The project received significant funding, with Council providing more than $1.23 million in funding and the NSW Government’s Stronger Communities Fund contributing $1 million. A further $250,000 was provided by the NSW Metropolitan Greenspace Fund.

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