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Housing choice and diversity for Georges River


The Georges River Council Local Housing Strategy and Inclusive Housing Strategy were both adopted at last night’s Council meeting, and form part of the harmonised strategic planning framework for the local government area.
Both strategies were publicly exhibited with the draft Georges River Local Environmental Plan 2020 (LEP) from 1 April to 31 May.
Housing objectives set out within the Local Housing Strategy include the following:
  • accommodating additional housing growth
  • coordinating growth with infrastructure
  • providing affordable and inclusive housing and greater housing choice and diversity
  • enhancing and protecting the local character
  • facilitating good design and sustainable development practices
  • making consistent LEP zones and controls across the LGA.
The Local Housing Strategy reinforces the importance of five Housing Investigation Areas for their suitability in delivering additional housing capacity.
Precincts identified for investigation to deliver an additional 650 dwellings by 2040 include North and West of Peakhurst Park – Peakhurst; Culwulla Street – South Hurstville; Hillcrest Avenue – Hurstville; Apsley Estate – Penshurst; and Rowe Street – South Hurstville.
Georges River Council Mayor Kevin Greene said the Inclusive Housing Strategy takes into consideration actions from the Greater Sydney Region Plan and the South District Plan.
“Council’s Inclusive Housing Strategy identifies and assesses the housing issues faced by people in our area, and identifies mechanisms to increase the supply of affordable housing for households on very low to moderate incomes in housing distress,” said Mayor Greene.
“Additionally, the Strategy has developed important planning controls and mechanisms that prevent the loss of existing affordable housing, and it sets targets to deliver new affordable housing.
“This strategy also makes Council’s expectations for inclusive housing very clear to developers, and advocates for building partnerships to increase affordable and liveable housing in the Georges River area.
“The two housing strategies together form a strong and secure foundation for our community by protecting its character and strengthening good design practice, and, importantly, providing affordable housing for local people who need it,” added Mayor Greene.
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