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Have your say on the 'Draft Georges River Employment Lands Study'


Georges River Council is inviting community feedback on the Draft Georges River Employment Lands Study which will be on exhibition from Monday 1 May until Wednesday 31 May 2017.

Georges River Council Administrator John Rayner said the Draft Georges River Employment Lands Study has been prepared to inform the future direction for employment lands across the Georges River Local Government Area (LGA), consistent with the actions and priorities in the NSW Government’s draft South District Plan and to ensure that sufficient land is zoned to accommodate future employment growth.

“The original draft Study was prepared for the former Hurstville City Council LGA, and with amalgamation came the opportunity to undertake a comprehensive study that applied across the whole Georges River LGA,” he said.

“The draft Study will provide Council with a level of certainty in projecting growth and development potential of its employment lands. It is important that we have land available for businesses to establish and provide local employment.

“It will also allow Council to investigate alternative opportunities for existing employment land, including the revitalisation of employment generating precincts.”

The Draft Georges River Employment Lands Study covers all IN2 – Light Industrial zoned land across the Georges River LGA, B1 – Neighbourhood Centre and B2 – Local Centre zoned land in the former Hurstville Council LGA. The draft Study excludes the B1 – Neighbourhood Centre and B2 – Local Centre zoned land within the former Kogarah City Council LGA.

These two zones were the subject of a separate study – Kogarah Employment Lands and Economic Development Strategy, prepared in 2013. The recommendations of this previous study have been incorporated into Amendment No 2 of Kogarah LEP 2012 (New City Plan).

Mr Rayner said the exhibition of the draft Study will provide land owners and key stakeholders with the opportunity to provide feedback on the draft recommendations contained within the draft Study.

“Council’s objective is to ensure that the Georges River area remains economically viable and continues to provide sustainable employment opportunities for generations to come”, he said.

“To support this, Council may consider the rezoning of land, expansion of land uses, review of development standards and other appropriate development controls.”

Residents are also invited to arrange a meeting with Council’s Strategic Planning staff to discuss the draft recommendations of the draft Study. To arrange an appointment with a Strategic Planner, contact Council.

As this is a draft Study, Council’s Strategic Planners will be undertaking further analysis of each of the precincts identified and this additional work, including issues raised in submissions, will be considered in the finalisation of the Study.

Once the consultation phase has concluded, a further report will be presented to Council for consideration.

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