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Graffiti Removal Day - a chance to Love Where We Live!


Local residents across the Georges River area are being encouraged to Love Where We Live by getting involved in Graffiti Removal Day on Sunday 29 October 2017.
Graffiti vandalism costs the Georges River Council, local businesses, households, and the NSW Government millions of dollars each year.
Council is eager to reduce graffiti vandalism so that ratepayer funds spent on graffiti removal can be redirected towards roads, parks, sporting fields and local community groups.
Mayor Kevin Greene said “Graffiti Removal Day draws attention to the negative impact graffiti vandalism has on the community at large, and encourages people in the local area to get involved in its removal”.
“Georges River Council, Scouts and Rotary are working together to combat graffiti, and Council is grateful for the support of this event by the NSW Government, Graffiti Removal Australia and great sponsors such as Dulux, Selleys and Smart Graffiti.
“People can register or suggest a clean-up site by completing a form at
“Taking action in your street, your suburb, or your city is a way of expressing that you Love Where We Live and want to make sure it remains a place we can all be proud to claim as our city.”
“Last year over 1,500 volunteers removed more than 20,500m² of graffiti across 460 sites across NSW. We hope this year will be even bigger and better.”
“We encourage everyone to get involved and help clean up the Georges River area by volunteering on Sunday 29 October,” Mayor Greene said.
“People who volunteer on the day will be supplied with everything they need including safety equipment and training on how to safely remove graffiti,” he added.
To register or suggest a clean-up site visit
For more information phone 9330 6400.
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