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'Girlhood' exhibition to help celebrate International Women’s Day


Georges River Council invites members of the public to the opening of Girlhood, a Dragon’s Lair Gallery exhibition, on Saturday 9 March 2019. 

Girlhood forms part of this year’s International Women’s Day celebrations, celebrating all women and featuring local artists Lily Hogan and Jamie Parmaxidis, who have come together to observe how women have played a critical role in their own upbringings. 

The exhibition explores the tensions between ideas of female solidarity and shared experience, and the realities of teenage politics and societal pressures, including the complex environment in which ‘girls can be girls’. 

This takes form in youthful abstractions and photographic portraits, representing a playful take on the representation of gender roles.

Lily Hogan, a primary school teacher, has always had a passion for self-expression through the arts and says that she has “realised the importance of embracing and encouraging creativity in young impressionable minds”.

Lily’s works reflects upon her upbringing, having been raised by, and around, different women, allowing her to question how a woman should look and act.

Jamie Parmaxidis, currently completing her Honours in a Bachelor of Design at UNSW, is an artist and textile designer whose work observes the way in which social pressure impacts female mental health.

Her work chronicles her experience of joining a women’s martial arts community, exploring the way in which the power of the wisdom of other women may act as a method of therapy.

Lily and Jamie are hoping the Girlhood exhibition will act as a meditation on the experiences of being female in Australia, and a celebration of the women who have influenced them.

Girlhood provides fresh insights from young female artists with very different opinions, outlooks and experiences of life.

Girlhood will run from 8 to 31 March at the Dragon’s Lair Gallery, Hurstville Museum & Gallery.

Exhibition opening:
Date: Saturday 9 March 2019
Time: 2.00pm
RSVP: Online, via the ‘What’s on’ page at
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