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Georges River volunteers valued through Timebanking


The Georges River community has a strong volunteering focus and a culture of looking after each other.

We are a community that already recognises the value of each individual which makes the concept of timebanking so relevant. Timebanking is a free community program that facilitates the voluntary exchange of services between members.

You can earn time credits for sharing your skills to help other members, then use the credits to receive services that are valuable to you.

Timebanking values peoples’ skills and time and eliminates any monetary exchange. It is proven to build community connection and allow members of the community to be valued for what they can do for others.

There are many community members in Georges River who may have recently left the paid workforce but who still have capacity to contribute to our community. Volunteering offers these people a way to maintain social connections, share their skills and help build a local timebanking model.

Timebanking is a growing international practice which is certain to succeed in Australia where volunteering is already hugely successful. Did you know that a staggering 6 million people participate in volunteering programmes across our nation?

Here in Georges River we already have 3Bridges Community and Kogarah Community Services registered as Timebanking members. As community based organisations they already know the importance of volunteering and have seen the value in timebanking to recognise those efforts. I encourage our community to help grow this idea in Georges River by registering to see what they can offer and ask for help.

It could be timely to offer your skills at the start of the Winter sporting season. Sporting clubs are always looking for assistance so I would encourage our local sporting organisations to also register.

The more people and organisations that get involved in Timebanking the more we can build a community that truly values what every individual has to offer.

It is free to register and is supported by NSW Volunteering. For more information you can visit the Volunteering page on Council’s website or go directly to Welcome to Timebanking | Timebanking.
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