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Georges River Libraries Launch Dyslexia Collection


Community members with dyslexia can now access additional support locally, with Georges River Libraries launching a new Dyslexia Collection.
Mayor of Georges River Council Kevin Greene said that items in the new collection are specially printed with a font designed to alleviate some of the difficulties typically reported by readers with dyslexia.
“I am proud that Council has launched a new Dyslexia Collection, offering people with this condition the opportunity to access over 200 items tailored to their needs, from Kogarah, Hurstville, Oatley, Penshurst and South Hurstville Libraries,” said Mayor Greene.
“The books are formatted to improve the overall layout of the page, including the spacing between letters, lines and words.
“Works include titles written by popular authors, and have been designed primarily for junior readers and young adults.
“Our Library staff are also undergoing training to improve their skills in assisting people with a range of specific learning difficulties, so that we are well equipped to provide adequate support for people with dyslexia,” added Mayor Greene.
Dyslexia is estimated to affect approximately 10% of the Australian population. The condition is a lifelong disability, however evidence-based literacy programs can help to remediate its effects.
The Georges River Libraries Dyslexia Collection is on display at Kogarah and Hurstville Libraries. The collection can also be picked up from Oatley, Penshurst and South Hurstville Libraries.
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