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Georges River Council win following breach of Food Standards Code


Georges River Council had a win at Sutherland Local Court on 4 July 2019 following their prosecution of the director of the company operating Spicy Orient Restaurant, Mr Jiongyao Lin, who was fined the maximum possible amount of $10,000 for breaching the Food Standards Code.

Spicy Orient Restaurant, which has since closed down, was located at Shops 5 and 6, 309 Forest Road, Hurstville.

Georges River Council Mayor Kevin Greene was pleased with the result, saying that members of the public needed to be able to feel confident that when they pay to eat out, they’re not going to pay twice.

“Council takes food hygiene extremely seriously and wants all local restaurateurs to be conscious of their responsibility to provide food to the public that is fresh, and prepared in a clean environment,” said Mayor Greene.

“The Food Act is in place to protect people from contamination risks which, on occasion, result in death, so I hope this significant fine acts as a strong deterrent for other businesses and companies.

“Council staff will continue to be proactive in undertaking inspections of restaurants and by responding to complaints and, when necessary, follow through with prosecutions,” added Mayor Greene.

Georges River Council prosecuted Mr Lin for the offence following a complaint from a member of the public in November 2018 that he and his girlfriend had suffered food poisoning after eating at the Spicy Orient.

Council’s subsequent inspection of the restaurant revealed serious breaches of the mandatory Food Standards Code in relation to the preparation, handling and storage of food intended for sale to the public.

In sentencing the offender, Magistrate Carney commented on the nature of the offence by, describing "deplorable unhygienic conditions” in the kitchen where paying customers attended.

Her Honour went on to state that the defendant had a significant responsibility to ensure that Mr Lin’s staff in employment in his business adhered to the Food Act.

“A strong message has to be sent to directors of companies to deter them from committing similar offences,” said Magistrate Carney.
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