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Georges River Council welcomes funds for Gannons Park Wetland Works


NSW Minister for Planning Rob Stokes has announced that Georges River Council will receive $250,000 in funding to restore and protect the Upper Boggywell Creek in Gannons Park, Peakhurst.

Council's Administrator John Rayner welcomed the funding, and was pleased the project at Gannons Park was included in the first round of funding for the State Government's ‘green grid’ of connected parklands and open spaces in metro Sydney.

"It is a fantastic result for Council to have secured these funds through the NSW Metropolitan Green Space Program, which we will match dollar for dollar, bringing the total amount to $500,000,” he said.

“Previously $85,000 had been secured through the NSW Metropolitan Greenspace Program by the former Hurstville City Council to assist in designing the project.

“This funding will allow us to create a network of bioretention systems, storage ponds and swales which form part of the reinterpretation of Upper Boggywell Creek through the length of lower Gannons Park.

Mr Rayner said bridges and landscape features will also be constructed to complement the new creek, and provide an enhanced recreational space for the community.

"The project will create a new greenspace destination for the local community which will reactivate lesser used areas of lower Gannons Park and link lead park users to the Georges River foreshore," he said.

"A water treatment system will be installed to improve the quality of water stormwater discharging to the River, with some of the treated water harvested and reused to irrigate the eight sports fields in the upper section of Gannons Park.

“Local green spaces for mixed recreational and environmental use rely on innovative approaches to existing parklands, and what can be achieved with cross-sector support is truly outstanding for our community.

“This project will complement the planned Upper and Lower Gannons Park shared pedestrian and cycle pathway, and forms part of our Gannons Park Masterplan.”

This project is supported by the Department of Planning, Member for Oatley Mark Coure MP, and Greater Sydney Commission’s South District Commissioner Morris Iemma.

For more information, visit Council’s website at or phone 9330 6400.

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