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Georges River Council welcomes St George Illawarra Dragons at UOW Jubilee Oval


Administrator of Georges River Council, John Rayner, said during a meeting on 7 November, Council approved the continued use of UOW Jubilee Oval stadium by the St George Illawarra Dragons Rugby League Club.

Mr Rayner said in addition to the St George Dragons using the stadium, Council will also explore additional partnerships for the use of the stadium.

“Council welcomes the St George Illawarra Dragons continued use of the grounds in 2017 and beyond, however, additional options are being explored to have the stadium opened up to other sporting codes,” he said.

“The current lease of UOW Jubilee Oval expires in February 2017 after 28 years.”

“By reviewing the current leasing arrangements for the stadium, Council has a great opportunity to not only establish a vibrant and accessible sporting precinct in the local area but also provide wider community access to the facility and look to the long-term commercial viability for the stadium.”

Mr Rayner said Council recognises the St George Dragons strong local supporter base and wants the ongoing presence of the sporting club at UOW Jubilee Oval.

“Council will continue to provide a commitment to the Dragons to have access to UOW Jubilee Oval for the 2017 NRL season and beyond for games and training requirements.”

In exploring additional users for the stadium, Georges River Council will also consider having the stadium opened up to businesses and health and medical groups to help drive the long-term sustainability and commercial viability of the stadium.

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