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Georges River Council to support owners and agents of local Heritage listed buildings


Council will provide grant funding to owners and agents of heritage listed buildings throughout the Local Government Area as part of the Heritage Building Grants program.

More than 20 applications were received through the program all requesting funding to assist with the maintenance and restoration of historically important and heritage listed buildings in the local area.

Applicants could request funding ranging from $100 to $10,000, which will be provided on a dollar for dollar basis up to a maximum of 50 per cent of the project value.

Of these applications, 12 projects have been approved, which will see a total of $45,000 from the Heritage Building Grants program spent on restoring and maintaining local historical buildings.

Council will also undertake a review of the future Heritage Grants program by April 2017.

This review will involve looking into the criteria for all applicants that request grants or subsidies offered as part of the program.

The Georges River area is home to more than 300 historically significant properties listed in Local Environmental Plans, and Council that can play an important role is preserving these buildings which showcase a diverse range of architectural heritage.

Council’s support of the owners and agents of these buildings is important to securing the future of heritage items in the local area.

Local heritage listing of individual heritage items is for the benefit of the local community by providing a visual representation of development trends in the locality over time, and deepening our community identity and sense of place.

For more information, visit Council’s website at or call 9330 6400.

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