Georges River Council receives funding to restore Riverwood wetlands


Georges River Council Administrator John Rayner is pleased that Council has been awarded a NSW Environmental Trust grant of more than $81,000 to go towards restoring the Riverwood Wetlands.

My Rayner said the grant awarded to Council under the 2015/2016 Restoration and Rehabilitation Program is well received, and will assist in the restoration of the regionally significant natural area which contains a number of Endangered Ecological Communities including Coastal Saltmarsh, Swamp Oak Floodplain Forest and Mangrove Forest to name a few.

“This funding will help rejuvenate the local environment by removing sediment, improving water flows, removing weeds and replanting the area with local native species,” he said.

“On completion, the works will also improve the local habitat and the quality of water entering Salt Pan Creek which is a tributary of the Georges River.
Mr Rayner said as part of the restoration program, a community engagement and planning day will be held for local residents to help improve their understanding of the biodiversity of the area.
“Participants will be able to learn about the affect stormwater and pollutants can have on the wetlands and how the wetlands function by improving water quality before it enters Salt Pan Creek,” he said.

“The planting day will also raise awareness of the flora and fauna located at Riverwood Wetlands and how the wetlands form part of a significant green corridor within the larger Georges River Catchment.”