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Georges River Council promotes National Asbestos Awareness Month


In support of National Asbestos Awareness month, Georges River Council is reminding all residents, tradespeople and business owners about the importance of safely managing asbestos.
Held in November every year, National Asbestos Awareness Month aims to encourage all Australians to be mindful of asbestos when renovating or demolishing buildings, while also highlighting the health risks of the dangerous material.
Nearly one in three Australian homes contains asbestos in some form and, therefore, it is critical all homeowners, renovators, business owners and tradespeople learn and know how to safely remove asbestos.
Australia was among the highest consumers of asbestos products in the world, and as a result asbestos is very common in homes built, or renovated, before 1987.
Everyone should be aware if their home or business contains asbestos, and can undertake a 20-Point Safety Check at to learn how to safely manage asbestos-containing material.
It is also important people learn to identify products that may contain asbestos, where it might be found and learn how to manage and dispose of it safely.
Georges River Council would also like to remind residents that if you notice anyone illegally dumping materials which may also contain asbestos, to report it immediately to Council.
Council has a 24 hour phone line residents can access 7 days a week to report issues such as illegal dumping, which is 9330 6400.
Asbestos is a dangerous material and if left in public spaces can be detrimental to the health of residents and visitors to the area.
For more information about the dangers of asbestos and to participate in the 20-Point Safety Check, visit
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