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Georges River Council pays respect to its Indian and Nepalese communities


Georges River Council observed a minute’s silence in last month’s Council Meeting to pay respect to those impacted by India’s and Nepal’s COVID-19 crisis.

Georges River is home to significant Nepalese and Indian communities.

Mayor of Georges River Council, Mr Kevin Greene acknowledged the impact of the pandemic on members of the community.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to impact India and Nepal, and this impact extends to members of our community who have been deeply affected by the ongoing crisis,” Mr Greene said.

“Council recognises this impact and continues to share their support for the Nepalese and Indian members of our Georges River community,” Mr Greene said.

Councillor Nancy Liu has continued her efforts to support and raise awareness for these communities. In particular, during the COVID-19 pandemic last year, she along with the Chinese business community donated essential PPE and daily necessities to the local Indian and Nepalese communities via the Resourceful Australian Indian Network Inc. (RAIN) and the Nepalese Penshurst Community Inc.

“We want to continue our support to our Nepalese and Indian communities and we are proud of the fundraising efforts occurring locally to support the funding of oxygen, medical supplies and humanitarian relief for people in Nepal,” Councillor Liu said.

Council also encourages community members to contact local organisations and groups such as the Nepalese Penshurst Community Incorporated to find out how best to support their initiatives during this time.
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