Georges River Council endorses extension of waste collection contract with Bayside Council


Residents and ratepayers of the local area are set to benefit from an extended joint waste removal contract involving Georges River and Bayside Councils.

Both Councils have endorsed the St George Joint Contract, which is an extension of the previous St George Joint Waste and Recycling Collection Contract previously between the former Hurstville City, Kogarah City and Rockdale City Councils.

Administrator of Georges River Council, John Rayner, said the agreement between the two Councils will provide more than 270,000 residents across the St George area with additional savings in waste removal services.

“As there are now two Councils within the St George region, this means there is a greater opportunity to collaborate and work towards greater benefits for our residents,” he said.

“Extending the current contract now will ensure residents of both Georges River and Bayside Councils benefit from the current collection savings until 2023, while maintaining a sustainable level of service.”

“This arrangement will lead to approximately $2.6 million in savings per year equating to savings for individual rate payers of approximately $20-$25 per year over the next five years.”
Bayside Council Administrator Greg Wright said the extended contract with Georges River Council will prove, over time, to be a successful arrangement between the two Councils.
“By collaborating, both Councils will provide better outcomes and strengthened services for all residents of the St George area,” he said.
“Both Georges River Council and Bayside Council will ensure residents continue to receive quality waste removal services and financial savings.”