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Georges River Council encourages pool safety


Council is committed to ensuring all of the 6091 swimming pools registered within the Georges River local government area meet the required legal safety standards.

All pool owners are required to have a safety barrier, which meets legal requirements, that restricts access to the pool by young children.

To meet the legal requirements, residents may apply for a Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate from Council.

Before a certificate can be issued, a Council Certifier inspects the barriers of a pool and resuscitation signage to determine if it is in accordance with the NSW Swimming Pools Act.

Application forms are available via Council’s website or at Council’s service centres located in Hurstville and Kogarah.

Accredited private pool certifiers can also issue Swimming Pool Compliance Certificates. However, Council encourages all residents considering the services of these private certifiers to ensure they are appropriately accredited.

All owners of backyard swimming pools are also required by law to register their pool on the NSW Swimming Pool Register.

This is a quick and free process to complete, although, pool owners must ensure their pool first complies with the relevant safety standard requirements.

Georges River Council’s Pool Inspection Program, which in line with the NSW Swimming Pool regulations, has led to the inspection of hundreds of swimming pools across the local government area.

These inspections have resulted in the repair and replacement of pool fencing, gates and the signage of many of these pools.

Recent changes to the NSW Swimming Pools Act legislation now permits the owner of a property with a pool to sell that property without a Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate.

This can occur on the basis that the owner has a Swimming Pool Certificate of Non-Compliance, which informs the new owner of what defects need to be rectified. A new owner then has 90 days from settlement to make the pool barrier comply.

If an owner wishes to lease a dwelling with a pool, they still require a Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate prior to occupation. It is a requirement that a tenant is provided with a copy of the Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate.

For more information, please visit Council’s website at or contact Council’s Service Centres via 9330 6400.

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