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Georges River Council approves draft Overland Flow Flood Study


At last night’s Council Meeting (6 June 2016), Georges River Council formally endorsed the draft Overland Flow Flood Study of the former Hurstville Local Government Area.

Georges River Council Administrator John Rayner said the draft flood study forms part of an overall future Floodplain Risk Management Plan for the Georges River Local Government Area.

“The Overland Flow Flood Study is the first step in developing the plan, and involves a comprehensive technical investigation of flood behaviour within the area,” he said.

“The study provides detailed information on the nature of the flood risk including the distribution, extent, levels and velocity of floodwaters across the floodplain for various scenarios, and represents best practice in identifying flood risks in NSW.”

“For most property owners, there is no response required to this flood study, as there is no immediate change to their situation.

“However, once a Floodplain Risk Management Plan is developed, property owners who are planning to redevelop their properties may need to take additional steps to ensure that acceptable risk management measures are implemented to manage potential flood risks surrounding their properties.”

Mr Rayner said Council had conducted extensive community consultation, and the information collated from these meetings has been incorporated into the final report.

“The next step involves the preparation of the Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan,” he said.

“This Plan will identify the implementation of ecologically positive flood mitigation measures to reduce the impact of flooding and flood liability on individual owners and occupiers of flood prone properties.

“It will also reduce potential private and public losses resulting from floods.”

“Furthermore, the Plan will detail how best to manage flood risks in the floodplain for the foreseeable future, taking into consideration a range of environmental, social, economic, financial and engineering issues.”

This study is jointly funded by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) and Georges River Council. This study, and its associated modelling, is available to residents and property owners free of charge upon request at any of Council’s Customer Service Centres.

For more information about the Overland Flow Flood Study, please contact Council’s Manager of Infrastructure Planning, Oman Wijayaratna, on 9330 6400.


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