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Georges River Council adopts Affordable Housing Policy 2021


Georges River Council is committed to increasing the range and supply of affordable housing in the Local Government Area (LGA).

At its May Meeting, Council adopted the Affordable Housing Policy 2021, following public exhibition of the draft policy in March and April.

This policy details Council’s commitment to providing affordable housing in the Georges River LGA, in order to meet the growing needs of a range of households. These include very low to moderate income, singles, families, couples, seniors, people with a disability, students, key workers and the broader residential market, including first home buyers.

Additionally, a percentage of the housing is to be allocated to households with special needs, such as individuals or families escaping domestic violence.

Consistent with the Georges River Inclusive Housing Strategy and Delivery Program, Council is aiming for 6% of new dwellings to be affordable by 2040, that is 340 affordable dwellings.

To allow the development industry and market to adjust to the new requirement, there will be staggered targets.

  • 2020-2025 14 affordable dwellings per year (70 dwellings to 2025, at 1.5%)
  • 2025-2030 24 affordable dwellings per year (120 dwellings to 2030, at 4%)
  • 2030-2040 34 affordable dwellings per year (340 dwellings to 2040, at 6%)

To achieve these targets for the community, Council will work with other stakeholders to develop innovative housing solutions.

Mayor Kevin Greene says, “Council is committed to inclusion and this includes housing, so we’re very pleased to have adopted the Affordable Housing Policy 2021 and established clear targets.

“Council will lead change by example and continue to advocate for change to support affordable housing in Georges River.”

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